Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Fast Invest: Financial Investment Platform With Blockchain Technology

Fast Invest extends the platform to a new infrastructure in blockchain technology to offer a wider set of financial products. Fast Invest creates a digital banking system, prioritizing the investment sector to help people generate safe, stable passive income streams, thereby achieving financial freedom. Fast Invest will provide investment solutions, which are different from traditional investments. Investment solutions, such as real estate, private equity, and other structured financial products. We want to create an elegant, intuitive and straightforward alternative to everyday banking habits, avoiding complicated bureaucratic mechanisms.

The Fast Invest platform wants to create a crypto community, which allows people to move money at low cost and high processing speed. Platform users will have the opportunity to invest, borrow, exchange crypto and fiat currencies without the technical knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology, thereby making Fast Invest a friendly user, a reliable, secure and accessible global platform

Fast Invest ensures that all aspects of customer experience meet the highest standards in excellent service. To this end, Fast Invest focuses on providing the best user experience to their customers in the banking sector.

Inspired by cryptococcus that has been issued since 2009 and continues to grow, Fast Invest launched an initial coin offering (ICO). The collected funds will allow us to grow faster and apply our ideas by creating professional and useful platforms for crypto community members. Fast Invest believes that its products will impact the entire crypto ecosystem.

Fast Invest Mission
Fast Invest's team is developing a platform, which combines P2P investments, e-money wallets, and currency exchanges. After successfully overcoming crowdfunding, Fast Invest will begin creating additional products for individuals and legal entities: loan extensions, as well as the opportunity to earn Fast Invest a premium payment card. The Fast Invest platform will be available as an iOS and Android app.

The funds will be used to advance Fast Invest's current operational products for existing clients, and to advance the Fast Invest platform by integrating new financial instruments for digital money operations.

Fast Investsiap's team expands the Fast Invest platform to the blockchain community on the Ethereum network as a smart contracting technology, and strives to support major crypts, including Ethereal, Bitcoin, and Ripple.

Fast Invest Business Model
Fast Invest ( is an online investment investment market that allows its members to invest in consumer-based loans. Currently Fast Invest has 8500+ satisfied daily subscribers across Europe, along with 50+ employees.

Fast Invest builds a sustainable and measurable investment model that does not require traditional bank support, and that lets investors invest their investment portfolios, earn passive income faster and easier than conventional lending institutions. Fast Invest offers clients to invest in loans provided with an annual rate of return of 8% to 15%.

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financial firm is the fastest-growing segment of the entire financial industry. Currently, users of the Fast Invest platform can fund their accounts and perform other financial operations using the major currencies. Currency list, available on platform: Pound sterling (GBP), US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) and Polish zloty (PLN). However, Fast Invest is working on an additional deployment.

The platform is constantly updated to meet the needs of Fast Invest clients - interface updates, security updates, new financial instrument implementations, and other important digital tools. The investment loan portfolio is updated daily by the Finance and Credit Compliance department to improve security. Most loans offered for investment have BuyBack and Default Guarantees.

Fast Invest is different from our competitors because we have the lowest entry point in the P2P investment market. You can start investing just as much as 1 Euro, US dollar, pound sterling or Polish zloty. No hurry, no stress, no risk, and no bureaucracy. Fast Invest does not limit how much money our users can invest. This new technology allows us to reduce costs and adjust to customer needs, which can not be avoided by traditional banks. Fast Invest uses the latest Internet Technology to reduce costs and provide the means for customers to generate more.

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